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This website consists mainly of pages written in pure HTML. Whenever possible, we've tried to avoid the use of special features, such as Flash, Frames, Java and JavaScript. The main advantage of pure HTML code is that everyone, regardless computer, operating system and/or browser, can view these pages. Pages in pure HTML will generally load much faster, which is a real bonus when accessing the website via Packet Radio. We therefore support the world wide campaign 'Best viewed on any browser'. Click the animation on the right for more information.   
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Navigating this website
When browsing this website, you may return to the homepage at any time, by clicking the museum logo at the top left or the bottom left of the page. To the left of each page, you'll find a row of buttons which can be used to navigate quickly through the various categories. If you have any comments, information, tips, critisism or praise, please contact the webmaster.

Have fun,
Paul Reuvers, pe1bxl
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How is this website conceived?
People often ask us how this website is created and maintained. It may or may not surprise you that for the maintenance of the site we are not using Windows PCs, but an IYONIX pc using the RISC OS operating system instead.   

The IYONIX pc is an Brittish computer. It is the successor of well known Acorn computers, such as the Risc PC and the BBC computer. The IYONIX pc is build around the latest generation ARM/Intel RISC processors and stays completely 'cold' during operation (no fan!). The powerful and complete operating system is only 4MB in size and resides in a flash-ROM, allowing a start-up time of just a few seconds. RISC OS has a full GUI (Graphical User Interface), TCP/IP and is not prone to the common virusses.

For the site maintenance, the in-house written package WebXpress is used. WebXpress, which is now also used for commercial applications, ensures that all information is presented in our 'house style', without the need for the webmaster to worry about this.

All graphical objects on these pages have been processed by a combination of the following programs: ArtWorks, Paint, Edit, Draw, WebGif, ChangeFSI and Photodesk. Once a page is changed, it is put in a queue which can be uploaded to our website automatically at any time. For the transmission of pages we use the application FTPc. All software runs under RISC OS.

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