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The Corver Radio #2
People who have build the original Corver Radio #1, may want to go a step further by building the new Corver Radio #2. This is a mini AM radio, build around just 3 transistors on a small PCB. Despite the fact that only 3 transistors are used, sound is directly available from the loudspeaker (included!). An ideal DIY kit for the all-new amateur who want to use the soldering iron for the very first time.

The kit consists of all required components, including the adjustible capacitor, a ferrite antenna and a loudspeaker. An extensive and clear manual is provided with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to build this AM radio. It also explains the operation of this radio in a simple manner.

Available now - Dutch manual only

Soldering for the very first time
The DIY kit of the Corver Radio #2, consists of all required components. Even the external louspeaker is included in the deal. The only external component that you should find yourself is a battery or mains adapter. The radio will be build on two small PCBs (printed circuit boards). If you have no soldering experience whatsoever, please ask a friendly radio amateur for assistance. Click the image to view it in close up.   
Once the radio is finished, you may want to build it in a box. As an example, the manual describes how to fit it in a CD box. Please click the image to view a larger version of it. The white part of the CD box can be used to write down the names of the various stations. A CD box is included in the DIY kit.   
In order to increase the sensitivity of the Corver Radio #2, a real ferrite antenna is used. The coil on the ferrite has many taps, which is also true for the included adjustable capacitor. This way you can experiment with the available frequency bands at will.   


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