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Enigma-E Building kit
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During WWII the German Army used the Enigma coding machine for the ecryption of nearly all radio traffic. At the time it was thought that these codes were unbreakable, but recent history has proven otherwise. Prior to WWII, the Poles managed to break into the German radio traffic and intercepted a large part of their messages. During WWII it was mainly the Brittish who intercepted and decyphered the majority of German messages. This large scale intercept operation is now beleived to have shortened the war by some two years.

Although about 40,000 Enigma machines have been built, most of them have been lost during or after the war. Most of the ones that did survive, can now ben seen in museums all over the world. One such museum is Bletchley Park in the UK, where the Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS) decyphered most of the German radio traffic durig WWII.
An electronic variant
Once you've seen a real Enigma machine, you are likely to want one. However, due to the small number of machines available, and their high price, posession of a real machine is not an option for most of us. Hence the reason to create an electronic variant and make it available as a building kit: The Enigma-E. The electronic Enigma if fully compatible with a real Enigma and can therefore be used to echange real messages.

 More information is available on the special Enigma-E website
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Wooden case
No longer available

Once you are infected by the Enigma-virus, you will want to build your Enigma-E kit into a suitable case. Because most electronics hobbyists are not skilled wood workers, we've taken the hard work off your hands. We are proud to annouce the immediate availability of a real oak wood box for the Enigma-E.

The case requires some additional work on your part, but all sawing, glueing and sanding has been done for you. Furthermore, the hinges and hooks are already mounted. Unfortunately the case is no longer available.

Expansion kit
To celebrate the 5th aniversary of the Enigma-E, an add-on kit has been introduced. It's the electronic variant of the Enigma UhrBox that was introduced by the Germans in 1944 in an attempt to make the Enigma more secure. The UhrBox-E is compatible with the real UhrBox and can be connected directly to the Enigma-E. The kit consists of a professional double-sided PCB, all electronic components and detailed building instructions. The manual also describes the historical backgrounds of the UhrBox.

 More information is available on the special Enigma-E website
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