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The museum has a couple of DIY kits on offer. We sincerely hope that offering these DIY kits will stimulate the radio amateur hobby, whilst at the same time provide a modest income for the museum. Below an overview of the DIY kits currently available from the museum. If you can't find what you are looking for, please try again at a later date as we will be adding new DIY kits to the list frequently.
  • Corver Radio #1
    This is a simple AM receiver that will help new and potential amateurs to catch the 'ham virus'. All components are placed on a wooden board and hardly any soldering is required.

  • Corver Radio #2  
    This is yet another AM radio which can be regarded as the successor to the above CorverRadio (#1). It is aimed a new radio enthousiasts who want to use their soldering iron for the first time. All components are placed on a small PCB and output is stright into a loudspeaker.

  • FCM3 - RS9044 Conversion kit
    A complete conversion kit for the Radio System RS9044 70cm transceiver as used in the (now obsolete) mobile telephone base stations in The Netherlands.

  • Enigma-E
    An electronic replica of the famous coding machine used by the German Army during WWII. A complete kit, with all components and easy to read step-by-step building instructions in English. Full historical backgrounds and some real wartime messages.

  • KF161-Tracker
    An APRS modem (just like the popular Tinytrak) that can be fitted directly in the Bosch KF161 rig in one of the empty slots.

  • EPPO PIC-programmer  
    A complete PIC-programmer, with all components and software, that enables you to start right away.


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