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This page contains a number of links that can be of use to radio amateurs. Wherever possible, we've devided the links into groups, so that you can easily find the required information. With the ever changing Internet, it is of course possible that some links do not work anymore. In case you come accross such a link, please notify us.
Contents of this page

Radio Societies
    The Dutch Society for Expirimental Radio (VERON) is the largest organisation in The Netherlands for radio hams and listeners. The VERON publishes their monthly magazine Electron and have their own website, containing a great number of links to other sites and ham societies in many countries.
  • VRZA
    The Society for Radio Hams (VRZA) is the second Dutch radio ham organisation publishing their own monthly magazine CQPA, containing many interesting subjects, circuit diagrams, etc.
  • RSGB
    The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the Brittish counterpart of the VERON and the VRZA. It is a well-known organisation who have published many important books all aimed at the radio amateur.
  • IARU - Regio 1
    This is the official website of Region 1 of the international amateur organisation IARU. Proposals are available for the use of the HF amateur bands during disasters.

ATV - Amateur Television

    World wide organisation for amateur satellites. This is also the place to obtain a universal amateur e-mail address.
  • Heavens-Above
    Beatiful website containing information about the orbits of satellites, Space Shuttle and the International Space Station ISS.

2nd World War (WWII)
  • WW2 links
  • Signals Collection '40-'45
  • Military surplus hotsheets
  • Surplus Radio Society
  • National War- and resistance museum of the Netherlands
  • The Military Common Equipment List
    Explains all about the AN/GRC codes.
  • Forschungsstelle Langeveld
    A German Listening Station in occupied Holland.
  • Bletchley Park
    This is where the Brittish Government Code and Cipher School (GCCS) decoded most of the German Enigma messages during WWII. Also known as Station X, Bletchley Park is now a museum, revealing wartime secrets about code breaking and communication.
  • Enigma
    Detailed information about the Enigma coding device, used by the German Army during WWI, to encrypt their radio messages. The site contains links to other Enigma sites and simulators for many different PCs and Operating Systems.
  • Enigma-E Building Kit
    This site contains detailed information about the Enigma-E DIY building kit. The Enigma-E is an electronic variant of the famous Enigma coding machine used by the German army during WWII. The kit can be obtained from the museum.
  • Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels in Best
    The Wings of Liberation Museum is located in the South of the Netherlands (Best) close to the place where the Operation Market Garden took place. Permanent exhibitions, showing incidently a Brittish, American or even Russian Army Radio unit.
  • Crypto Museum
    Large collection of well-known and less well-known historic cipher equipment (crypto) used by various agencies around the world. The exhibition Secret Messages in 2008 and 2009 was organised on co-operation with the Crypto Museum. Many photographs, backgrounds and technical descriptions.

Ham links

Circuit Diagrams and other documentation
  • Schematheek of PD0MHS
    One of the most complete libraries of circuit diagrams available in The Netherlands, collected by Twan, PD0MHS of Eindhoven. Pages are available in Dutch, English and German. Overview...
  • Old Philips self-build kits
    Overview and schematics of the old Philips self-build kits that were most popular between 1955 and 1986.

Other (radio) museums

Virtual museums

Other Dutch museums
  • Dutch museum page
    This site is frequently visited by anyone looking for a museum. It contains nearly every museum that you can think of, including our museum Jan Corver. Add this page to your favorites.
  • Dutch Radio Ham links

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