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Price list
Price list
This page contains the actual prices for equipment, components, surplus material, books, circuit diagrams, DIY kits, etc. If something is not in the list, it doesn't mean that we haven't got it. In case of doubt, please contact the museum All prices are in Euros, including VAT and excluding P&P. If you are interested in surplus equipment from the museum collection, please check out our Surplus Index.

Payment is possible in cash, via IBAN (i.e. direct bank-to-bank transfer), or PayPal. In the latter case a surcharge will be applied to cover the additional cost involved in a PayPal transfer. If you want to order an item, please contact the museum curator for a price quotation. Clearly state your address and country so that we can calculate the shipping cost as well.

We only sell directly to consumers and end-users. Radio equipment (i.e. transmitters) are only sold to licenced radio amateurs who can show us their licence.

Please note that the majority of the components offered on this website has been used before and is not new. We therefore can't guarantee any of the equipment whatsoever.

We hope to be able to add an automated ordering system to this side before too long. In the meantime all orders can be sent to the museum curator Cor Moerman at: ws19@xs4all.nl.

In the price list below, a traffic light is used to indicate the stock level. The various traffic light icons have the following meaning:

Status Description
Sufficient stock
Only some units left. Hurry!
No stock (we hope to have new stock available shortly)
No longer available
Unknown, please call for the latest information
Whenever possible, a link will be available to give more information about that particular product. You'll find the link under the info-icon. Some parts, e.g. filters and power amplifiers, can also be used in combination with equipment from other categories. Please note that some links may refer to pages in Dutch for which we do appologise. Translating pages is a tedious task and will only be done to popular demand. Please contact us if you need more information.

AEG Teleport 9
Teleport 9 handheld transceiver, incl. new software (no battery) Conversion 20.50
Manual and circuit diagrams - 17.50
Bosch KF161 prepaired for APRS, 144.800 MHz Info 16.00
Bosch KF163 prepaired for APRS, 144.800 MHz, incl. APRS Tracker Info 60.00
Handbook RS9044 - 12.50
Nokia Mobira
Nokia Mobira cellulair phone (70 cm) without handset, incl. conversion kit Conversion 55.00
Conversion kit only (PCB, components, software, manual) Info 35.00
Handbook Nokia (3 parts) - 11.50
Packet Modem 9600 baud (DIY kit) Info 40.00
CTCSS add-on (DIY kit) Now available again Info 20.00
Teletron T813
Handbook T-813 - 5.00
Various surplus equipment
Description Info
Siemens cellulair phone (70 cm) including handset (new) - 25.00
Magnetic car antenna voor 70cm - 20.00
Various bare components
Circulators for 430MHz (ref. Electron Aug. 2000) - 5.00
Coax cable with 2 x Spinner (7/16) connector - 1.50
Active speaker (adjustable volume; including continental adapter) - 7.50
Various Building Kits
Corver Radio #1 (AM Radio without soldering) Info 22.50
Corver Radio #2 (AM Radio, incl. PCB and speaker) Info 25.00
Active speaker (suitable for Corver Radio #1) - 7.50
Enigma-E DIY building kit Info 150.00
UhrBox-E building kit (extension to the Enigma-E) Info 70.00
EPPO - low-cost PIC-programmer Info 25.00
Books & Publications
Back issues Electron one full year (monthly magazine of the VERON) Info 10.00
Opkomst van de Nederlandse radio-industrie 1900-1920 (incl. CD-ROM) Contents 15.00
Museum guide exhibition 'Geheime Berichten'
Info 10.00
Museum guide exhibition 'Secret Messages'
Info 10.00
Please note that the majority of the components offered on this website has been used before and is not new. We therefore can't guarantee any of the equipment whatsoever.

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