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Used and disposed equipment
The Museum regularly acquires large quantities of used or disposed equipment from some major Dutch players, such as KPN (Royal Dutch Telecom). Sometimes the acquired lot consists of radio equipment such as receivers and transceivers that can easily be converted for use on the amateur radio bands. Please refer to our conversion pages for examples. Sometimes however, we find equipment that is not of direct use to radio amateurs, or equipment of which there is unsufficient quantity to produce a conversion kit. Such devices are sold to anyone on a first-come-first-serve basis (see below).
Donating surplus equipment
If you or your organisation has a certain amount of surplus communication equipment available, you might want to consider donating it to the museum. If you choose to do so, you no longer have to worry about the environmental friendly disposal of the equipment. Furthermore, the museum will ensure that the equipment get a second life with a radio ham, who pays a modest fee for this service. This way, you are contributing to the museum's future.
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How do I get hold of this surplus equipment?
In the past, all suplus equipment was offered via a dedicated section of this website. However, from 1 November 2006 all surplus equipment is advertised on http://www.tweedehands.nl/zendamateur/

Click the link below to see all of our suplus equipment on a single page.
 All surplus equipment offered by Museum Jan Corver

Please note that the forementioned website is entirely in Dutch. In case of doubt, please contact the museum curator.

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